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What differentiates the Global Lingo translation team?

Global Lingo recognises the importance of precise, fluent, clear messaging for businesses and individuals operating in a global world. The art of creating a piece of work that is as impactful in the target language as it is in the source language involves more than just a literal word‑for‑word translation; it requires the ability to match the tone and context of the original piece to the target language.

For us the creation and management of multi-lingual material is more than a business, it is a passion, and this is reflected in our commitment to delivering exceptional service delivery.

A translation service to suit your needs

Global Lingo is an expert in managing freelance resources across multiple time zones. If required, we are able to work on your project through the full 24-hour cycle, improving delivery times.

We ensure the following:

  • Access to 6,000+ freelancers specialising in 500 language combinations
  • Use of in-country linguists, translating only into their mother tongue
  • Freelance sector specialisation in addition to linguistic expertise
  • Maintenance of a ‘Glossary of Terms’ from source to target language for each client
  • Use of translation memory tools ensuring consistent translation in the target language
  • Use of desktop publishers, engineers and testers to provide print/publish ready content.

Our project managers:

  • Are experts in managing multi-language content
  • Specialise in sectors and take the time to understand an organisation’s terminology, style preferences, deadlines and budgets
  • Demonstrate high proficiency in combining task management with process workflows and language technologies.

How the process works

Our secure translation management system, Glozone, enables an efficient automated workflow from initial enquiry to project completion, improving efficiency and reducing translation cost. With translation memories built into the workflow and specific to each client, we are able to guarantee the ongoing quality and consistency of translated content.

Supporting services

As a trusted partner to companies in a diverse range of sectors, we also support human resources departments for disciplinary hearings and grievance issues. We employ professional writers and editors for transcription and minute-taking, and also regularly provide both remote and on-site minute-takers for board meetings and other significant corporate events.

Global Lingo has a database of certified interpreters, offering simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting. To maintain the highest of standards we ensure that every candidate applying to be a Global Lingo interpreter has an up-to-date certificate from an official language organisation in their native country. We also test for competency and fluency in their business languages, one of which must be their native tongue.

Global Lingo announces US incorporation and Office opening

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Global Lingo announces US incorporation and Office opening

Responding to the requirements of their multinational clients Global Lingo announces the opening of a US office in Chicago, Illinois. Strategically located at the heart of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, the new office, combined with operations in London, Cluj-Napoca, and Singapore creates a 24-hour capability to support their global Professional Writing and Localisation clients. “We are […]

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